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Daily Prophetic Word May 15, 2018

The Father says, Consider who you allow to have access into your personal life. Not everyone will be loyal or respect the depths of who you are. Not everyone will remain people of good character and integrity in your life. Guard your heart. Do not let defensive reactions or offense to their words fill your mind and heart. You are much more than how others perceive you.

I called you Good when I created you. Never forget this simple truth. Day by Day, I am molding you back into that perfection. Do not let today’s failures and missteps derail you permanently. Come to Me and I will help you in whatever comes your way. You will rise above and overcome any and all things, just believe and trust in Me. It does not matter what others say or think, Look up and Hear My Voice about who you are to Me. I am establishing a new way of life in you where you will see yourself as the One I designed you to be.

Remember that those that come against you also do not know who they are in Me. If they did their response would be from Heaven and not of flesh. Be at ease with yourself. I will get you from Glory to Glory as you walk this life with Me. The journey is not made in a day. Let the ashes fall to the ground for I will change your tears into beauty. You are My Chosen and Elect. Never forget the worth that I place upon you always.

Your day will encounter robbers and thieves. Will you allow their voice to crowd out Mine? What you believe is what shapes your next moments. Be careful what you accept as truth. I will come and reorder you to be in alignment with what I have spoken. Allow Me to order your steps and give you the words to speak. When you do, even conflicts will be silenced to your favor. I am taking you higher and to go higher many aspects will feel foreign and uncomfortable. You will be tempted to revert back to old ways and patterns. Listen, you are not who you were. Come closer for I am doing a new thing in you!

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