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Daily Prophetic Word May 13, 2018

The Father says, Rebirth is a time where many focus on what is no more versus what has come to life. What you mourn was not serving you nor making your life better in reality. If I allowed you to walk one step further, the weight of what should not be there would ultimately destroy many areas.

My Beloved, I have warned to not be of this world. When onlookers cannot tell who you belong to, consider you are placing yourself in chains. I am not molding you into the image of the world. When you wake up, your mindset has already determined the course of decisions you will make when presented.

My Word has not returned void, but your heart can reject it in search of what this world has to offer.

When you choose the same deadly sins in your life thinking ‘well, everyone else is enjoying that’, you are giving your soul over to the enemy. I Am a God of Prosperity! But you will only flourish in your life when your soul is not poisoned by the fruits of sin.

Where is the Righteousness of My People? You are not a victim to the sin curse. Will My Spirit not give you the Power and Control to Overcome? What you do not seek for, with daily diligence, how will you expect to receive? Now is your time to put away the foolish beliefs that you can play with fire and not be burned. I am putting an end to the double-minded attitudes. Rebirth is your Compass today!

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