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Daily Prophetic Word May 7, 2018

The Father says, You were born to walk in the gifts of My Spirit. You were designed and fashioned with Great Care on every detail. Nothing is being denied or held back from you. I will give to those with a pure heart and out stretched hands. Pursue your First Love! Are you hungry for more or did you get full along the way?

When you release what I have given you, the hunger and thirst will rise up and I will meet you there. Allow the emptying so that I may fill you up like a New Wine Skin. You were not designed to hold in, but to release. What I put inside of you is for the blessings of others and it will return back to you in fullness of harvest.

Let My Spirit breathe in and through you. Allow Me to show you a world without boarders or limitations. You are Unstoppable. Anything less is not from My Kingdom. You are coming into a time of renewal and recompense. What was stolen will be paid back with interest. What seems forever lost will find its way back to you.

The Dry Desert of the last season has ended! Even before your eyes behold what lies waiting for you, the aroma of My Goodness will fill your senses. May is a time of new assignments and upgraded anointings overtaking your life. Embrace, for there is no fear in what is to be. You are worthy of all that I have!

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