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Daily Prophetic Word May 4, 2018

The Father says, Before you count yourself out, that is the moment to see Me in your midst. The doors that you knock upon may not be forever closed. You see, before I send you through that door, I will prepare you for what lies behind it. Look again! Ask for My timing for I desire you to be successful and ready to go. Even when you misunderstand how soon or how far away that door is in reality, I will still push you through at the right divine date.

Don’t be caught off guard but instead stand with expectation. You are not denied, you are merely in process to the beholding of the next great move that I am up to. There will be others that shout for you to quit and accept defeat. Many will say that you have done wrong and that I have abandoned you. Do you believe what is being said? Sometimes you have to push out all other words and sit with Me until you hear the next set of instructions.

I Am the One who knows fully what is to become of your life. I invite you to co-create with Me for I will not shout over you. When you are off track, know that I will even use people sent by My Hand, to help you get back to where you are to be. A closed mind will dismiss what or who is from Me. Everyone loses their way at time for many reasons. Amidst the noise and chaos of life, I will still be there with Loving Arms to restore, renew, and rebuild.

Find Me at the Center of what you release control of. Invite Me in for we are not strangers. There is no distance between us even when you believe that there is. You will only be free when you chose to see yourself as worthy and able to be freed. Too many accept circumstances that will easily move out of the way. Let Me show you life and bring beauty from the ashes. You were not meant to walk in disappointment and this too shall pass.

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