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Daily Prophetic Word May 3, 2018

The Father says, Many ask for just a cup of water thinking this is an enormous portion and more than anyone deserves. I have said you will walk in greater miracles than even the apostles. But who will believe in such unlimited options? Do you dare to be Marked for My Namesake? Will you cast down the idols of yesterday and come forth?

Why not you? Don’t look to your right or left to see if someone will come forward, why not you? You already possess all that I require. A yielded person can accomplish more than an entire army. Do you believe yet? Many think this is too great of a risk, but what risk is there really in the Hands of the Almighty King of Kings in charge of your days?

How can you go wrong when you co-create with Me? Many are called but few are chosen. There will be days of rejection but an endless amounts of celebration at My Table is yours forever. You had a beginning but there is no end to your influence. Will you leave the 99 to go after the 1?

Walk in My Heart for My Love will overflow in all of your ways. Be open and available for the transformation that only My Glory can bring. My Kingdom is on Earth. I will show you how to drink from waters that never cease. Your potential in Me is what will set the captives free and put the darkness on the run. Step up for I Am the One who Makes a Person Qualified.

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