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Daily Prophetic Word April 27, 2018

The Father says, There is no embarrassment in stumbling when you try something for the first time. When you are more concerned with how you look than walking in new situations, you will ultimately seek to avoid any discomfort. It is ok to not be perfect. I would not place upon your shoulders

something that you simply are unable to accomplish. But through practice and stepping out, you will gain more and more proficient skills. Do not take yourself so seriously. You are coming along just fine.

I am the counter of your hairs and your days. I know where you should be on this exact day. Did you try to get here too soon? Or have you dragged your feet for far too many evenings. Understand that I will speed you up or slow you down. When frustration sets in, seek Me for where you are to be this very day. I will reveal the lessons you are learning for the Now that you are in. Nothing is wasted and what you experience today will bless you further in the future.

I want you to stop beating yourself up over what has gone wrong in the past. You say, ‘Lord I will let it all go,’ and then you turn around to wear your sackcloth again. Listen, I no longer remember what you asked Me to forgive. You must forgive yourself and move forward. I will deal with those that try to throw it back at you. I hold nothing against you concerning this, so let’s make a final deal to not live in this any longer! Joyous Days are yours for the taking.

My Burning Bush is before you this hour. Will you come closer into My presence? There are times of great decisions and this is one of them. You cannot be in two places at once in the natural. The old mindsets will tell you that I Am One to be feared and One who cannot be pleased. You have much to see and much to understand between truth and fiction. I am picking you up this day. Removing tears and skinned knees. All has been set aside for you to receive. Your old life is fading out in the background. Let it Go!

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