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Daily Prophetic Word April 26, 2018

The Father says, No fear has authority over your days unless permission is given into your actions, thoughts, and beliefs. My Kingdom does not operate from negative atmospheres but rather overtakes until only My Glory remains. Be one who walks in My Positive Truth, for the end is not near but the Kingdom is Here.

I have said your Latter days shall be Greater than the Former. What are you standing in Belief for? When you believe the news stirred by the enemy, you negate to see the Beauty that My Kingdom produces in endless possibilities. What you deny of My Spirit, you shall not walk in. Do not quench the Holy Spirit.

What you limit, will be limited unto you. What you open up, will be opened up unto you. Be all about My desires. Instead of asking Me what I Am doing, ask Me for what I Am dreaming about your life, your community, your nation, and the world. You are a dreamer for My Namesake. Do not limit what I have said is Limitless.

Walk in the Spirit for the flesh will send you down the wrong street. You are not of this world, so do not become one with it. Do you not yet know your own true identity? Wearing the filth of the world will slow you down. Many see no double-mindedness in their heart but their words and actions continue to be at odds. You are moving into a New Day. I have more and better yet to come! Come Up Higher and Forsake anything less!

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