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Something to Ponder Today

Something to Ponder Today

God was talking to me about Food the other day. He was pointing out that with some foods, mold completely ruins the item, even the parts it did not touch, and it must be thrown away. Other foods, the mold can be simply cut away and the rest consumed safely. While other foods are enhanced by the mold and consumed entirely.

Just as in our life, there are aspects that if not thrown completely away will lead to destruction in all areas. While other aspects can be cut off, and not permanently affect the core prosperity. And lastly, there are aspects within us that God will use to enhance our destiny, and He will shine bright because of this element.

Examine what behaviors, attitudes, and decisions are like Mold in our lives. God is not looking for perfection but obedience. When He addresses an area to examine, we must be honest with ourselves. What is dwelling within us that needs to be completely thrown out; cut off; or allowed to be used in the Master's Hand. Until we do as He has instructed, we cannot move forward.

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