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Daily Prophetic Word April 13, 2018

The Father says, I am taking you to familiar pains to remind you that I Am the Lord who Heals you. Hand over all of it. You are going into a time of Fresh Beginnings where the old is a faded memory. All you will see is what is coming towards you in My Glory. Gather what is beyond your control. I am lifting unnecessary burdens.

The storms that roar against you in this hour are propelling you forward and not taking you out. Stand up and laugh with joy. Nothing will stop what I have ordained in your life. Shift your thoughts and get ready! The Breaker Anointing is falling all around you. Watch as even those in close proximity to you will also feel the effects.

You are My Ambassador. Take up that Mantle every day and not just when important people are looking. What you do in secret will be rewarded publicly. Keep your focus on what I have called you to and celebrate others doing their call just the same. I have each person where they will best be used and flow in their anointing.

What spirit you operate in is the one who commands your words and actions. Many say they are Mine, but out of their words and deeds comes destruction against those that are Mine. Slander and Gossip are not part of the Great Commission. The same will come against you. Will it somehow be unjustified then? Do what you are called to, and leave the rest to Me. Do not throw your crown at unrighteous activities. Be of My Spirit!

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