• Replenished Hope Ministries

Daily Prophetic Word April 11, 2018

The Father says, People will be offended. That does not mean they are in the right or you are in the wrong. You must not stand with wishy washy complacent people. They will destroy your path and pull you into wrong mindsets. Your identity is in Me, and not what the world says. Who you make the center of your heart is who will guide your every move.

Find the Refreshment that is Hitting Your Soul. My peace is a blanket over your life. What is stirring in your spirit will take you to the next adventure. Release what is less than My Best for I will heal all that has come against your soul. Your prosperity directly reflects the condition of your inner man.

Today is the turning point where you start to win the battles you would have lost in the past. Be ready, for the scenery is changing. The outcomes are shifting. Victory is yours. Be mindful of what you place down. I have greater for you to carry, but you must have balance in your life. Many will need to adjust priorities. Ask Me for what the order should be.

When you do priorities out of balance and order, much will suffer. It will ruin the very blessings that I have placed in your life. Watch and See how I restore even the most egregious of mistakes done by your hands and words. Own your errors and take responsibility to those you owe it to. I will take you out of the darkness and into My Light and Goodness.