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Daily Prophetic Word April 4, 2018

The Father says, Spread your Wings. I say today, Use what I have given you. Many are hiding the best of what they possess. What are you waiting for? I promised to Equip, Train, and Send you out. What good are gems if no one sees them? You are Special and Unique even when you think you are ordinary and plain.

Break out of the Mold others used to shape you into their image. Do not be misguided like those who want you to be a certain way. I love you just the way I created you. I can’t make a mistake, so why are you counting yourself as one? It is Time to shake off the words that bind you. Time to Fly!

You are not confined by Earthly elements. You are created in My Image so go explore. If you wander too far, I will call you back. Let the Cool Breeze flow in and through you. Let My Spirit take you to the ends of who you are and to the Beginning of who I AM. We are not strangers. Do you not remember that I created you at the foundations.

Embrace all that you are and you will find Me in the Midst. When you ask, I will tell you why I just adore you. When you ask, I will speak as only a Loving Father would. Your Identity is in Me and no one else. I did everything for you, My Beloved. Come up out of the days of sorrow and despair. Your portion is eternal Joy!

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