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  • Replenished Hope Ministries

Encouragement for Today

I feel in the Spirit that many are struggling from lack of support. What God has placed deep inside of you to do and be, others are dismissing or speaking against.

I have walked most of my entire life with few at my side and even less willing to walk these steps with me on some level. Do not let anyone kill what God has given you passion and direction towards. God will bring the right people to you in time. He will take you each step of the way. What others cannot see will not matter in a short amount of time. As your hands hold the Prize, the rest will fade in the background.

Do not let the doubt and fear of even those closest make you hesitate. God will do as He promised. You will hit the target and fulfill your destiny and purpose. God being proud of you is what truly matters. Pleasing man means nothing and it will only destroy you in the end.

Feel the Fresh Winds upon your Sails again. Your time of waiting has ended and there is a new horizon just past the line of trees. You are right on time!

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