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Daily Prophetic Word April 2, 2018

The Father says, I am smoothing out the crinkles on that piece of paper. I want you to think of a dream that you pursued with all of your heart only to feel you should ball up that piece of paper and throw it on the ground. Today, find that I have picked back up that piece of paper, and My Winds are blowing over what was written down. What could not come to life back then is getting a Revisit and a Supernatural makeover in this hour.

Your dream was not wrong, it was just not time yet. I desire to place in your hands great joy and financial provisions through this. I do not wish My People to be in lack but in the overflow. Religion will tell you that wealth is bad. Then why did I bless Solomon so heavily? I gave him such favor that no other king could compare. My true servants will invest into their future inheritance while they are on the Earth. You cannot out give Me. What you put in, I will surely reward you in greater measure than you will be able to contain or keep track of.

Be generous for this is My Heart! Do not condemn the ones that I am blessing. I know what they have done in secret, and I am recognizing them openly with My Favor and Abundance. If you answer to man, then man is your god. I said that I will open to you My good treasury to bless all the working of your hands. And you shall lend to many, but you shall not borrow. Do you believe it? This is for all of My Righteous Sons and Daughters. Stop saying that this is only for a few. Should I not bless even higher the ones who sacrifice for My Namesake daily?

Speak evil and discord among My People, and the enemy will have the rights to your lands. I cannot do amazing exploits in your life when you are cursing the very ground you are walking on. Pray that all receive mightily from My Hand. Pray that all would walk uprightly and support the ones who stumble. I am taking you higher in My ways and to go higher, you must place down your wrong thinking and beliefs. To prosper in this new season will require a whole new way of operating within My Kingdom. Be open, for I will come to you with what I am looking to work out of your character. For in the Image of My Son are you being molded into. Change is the Atmosphere you are under!

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