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Daily Prophetic Word April 1, 2018

The Father says, My Love Transcends Time. My Love Transcends Logic. My Love Transcends your Failures. My Love Transcends. Today, find that everything you thought was a lack, less than, or in dire neglect perfectly dealt with and satisfied. I have left nothing undone. Let My Love fill you up today and every day.

Tomorrow is fleeting so look up right now for Your King is ever present before you. I am in that circumstance and it is by My Will and Good Pleasure that you will rise up out of anything that has kept you back. Believe and shake off the doubt. You are stronger than you know and it is the enemy that fears you.

Arise this very day and do not shrink back from a challenge. What is before you, will do as you command, so Speak! You are co-creators and co-heirs. I created you with purpose, power, and authority. Take back what was stolen for the enemy must release with increase. I will reward you well, My Beloved.

Many are waiting for some magical sign and permission. You already have it, so run and do what I have placed in your spirit to accomplish. In truth, there are no real prison walls, just mindsets with limited imagination. The next 3-6 months are going to be monumental. Take full advantage of these days for what you have been counting on is here!

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