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Daily Prophetic Word March 30, 2018

The Father says, Have you considered that it is already done according to My Word and Promise? Change the perspective to what you have petitioned has been given My Yes and Amen. I am not a miser nor one who withholds Goodness in your days or your nights. Everything that I have is yours.

Forget what the religious minds will say. When the mind thinks only of limitations you will not live in the abundance of Limitless possibilities. The Fresh Dew at Dawn is the revival of the old into the new each day. You are My Beloved who I gave My very life for. If I thought that beautifully of you on that day, over 2000 years ago, then is it likely that I would desire to take back My Deepest display of Love for you now?

Nothing is hidden from Me. You didn’t somehow do something today that I did not see on the Cross. Time to speak against the enemy who whispers not My Truth in your life. Forsake all that is less than My Glory. You were created out of My Perfection and Restored because of My Perfection. You couldn’t create yourself nor release your very soul from the gates of hell.

Receive what I so easily give to you. Just Receive. Stop making rules to what I just placed in your heart and soul. I did not ask you to now take on a role of guilt, shame, and condemnation because of a sinful world that required a Lamb sacrificed. Do you not see that it is Finished? I have moved on, so you too must come up higher from the thoughts of mankind!

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