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Daily Prophetic Word March 27, 2018

The Father says, Forgiveness is where you need to sit today. Not for your brother or sister, but for yourself. You have long overlooked giving yourself grace and mercy on the days you wished could be erased in entirety. What you hold against yourself will you see through a warped lens in other people.

I forgave you completely leaving nothing left to deal with. I stopped remembering that past issue. Do you feel you are above My final verdict that you can continue to carry what I already died for? What good is this doing you in reality? I will pick you up and take you beyond what your own efforts can muster.

Trust the process of the Becoming. You are closer each day into the Likeness of My Son. Even what you cannot see, I can surely claim witness to. I have not made a mistake in your blueprint. Can you believe that I will take you through each chapter in your life until the sweet fragrance can be denied no longer?

Let Go of what does not serve you. A bucket full of regrets will not let My waters fill you up from head to toe. I can turn your darkest skies into golden light. Receive openly for I intend to send you into overflow that no one can contain. I am visiting you this night to heal you of what you are unable to release. Freedom is your portion.

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