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Daily Prophetic Word March 24, 2018

The Father says, What is missing you will find! Many are looking for that last few pieces of the puzzle that will finally let My full map be revealed. Others are charging on ahead before they receive those last few items. I will not send you out when you are not fully equipped, prepared, and ready. Do not be over eager, for traps lie in wait just ahead. You will need the full map.

Sometimes in the waiting, you will feel vulnerable and unsure of what to do. Learn to go with the flow of My Current, and you will be carried to your destination at the right moment. When you are not sure, place your wet finger in the air to feel My Cool Breeze in the air. I will show up in every area around you if need be. I will never leave you without.

It is okay to be at ease with yourself. You were not meant to be serious all the time or all about the mission. I Am a fun God. Can you believe it? Religious minds would love to stifle this beautiful aspect in you, but don’t allow it to take root in your life. Even on the days where life is overwhelming, you can find laughter and My Smile over you.

I am celebrating over your life in the past, present, and future. The flowers are blooming and the fresh meadow is coming back alive once more. What was dormant is awakening. What was hidden is being revealed. Do not worry about tomorrow. It will surely take care of itself. I have you and I will not let you go! Feel the pressure falling off of your shoulders and a new birth taking place in your spirit and soul. You are so very precious to Me, and I love love love you!

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