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Daily Prophetic Word March 15, 2018

The Father says, Look! For My Storehouses are opening wide to deliver the provisions that you are in need of and for what you have petitioned Me for. Many have thought that I would use this source over there to bless from, but look now, what is coming is from a hidden and unexpected place. I can make even your enemies give you favor and resources. Is there anything too hard for Me? It is time to rest in My Peace and not work out of the flesh to meet your needs.

I have told you to ask and ask Me for big and unbelievable things for your life. I have no desire to withhold from you. The enemy of your soul comes to kill, steal, and destroy. Have you allowed him to gain a foothold in your life? Examine all aspects before Me, and ask what is blocking your prayers. Be sure you are not holding up your own progress. Resist the temptation to think of this as some complicated ritualistic affair. I have not installed hoops for you to jump through in order to show yourself good enough or worthy.

You ask because this is the relationship we are growing and developing together. Your faith and trust grows with each opportunity. I did not make all of creation to just sit back and see what will happen. You are My Beloved and Precious Child whom I look after with Great care and concern over every part of your life. Keep digging deeper. I want those petitions that you were afraid to give Me as well. It is time to not walk in a limited fashion with your hands tied behind your back.

I am not limited by anything. I have not called you to be limited. If I Am the Master Designer, did I not have a say in how all of this has and will unfolded? Did I say that I would bless the workings of your hands? Why despise what I intend to give you favor in. It is now that you should wake up and see yourself as My Royal Sons and Daughters. You were all like the Prodigal Son who came home, and was given all of the best that the Father had to offer. Rejoice for Receiving is your portion!

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