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  • Replenished Hope Ministries

Daily Prophetic Word March 14, 2018

The Father says, Turn around. What you were seeking is right before you, and you passed on by without realizing it. I will not let you move on without picking up this vital piece. See the clouds shift from dark to light. Feel the Wind move across your cheeks. You are right at the moment before manifestation!

Rejoice for the day you have held onto, though weary, is upon you. Overcomer is your portion, and I Am the Way Maker. The Road of life is about to become much easier. You will taste My Goodness before you. I have not disqualified you nor cast you away as a nuisance. You are My Beloved!

Rejoice for all things are becoming New. The old is dissipating its strong grip over your life. What was meant to destroy you is being removed. All of hell cannot stand against what I have ordained this day. Take a hold and run with a new mindset. These steps will not come your way as I have done away with these schemes and pitfalls.

You are wiser even if you have not seen it. You were stretched and challenged but did not break. Stand, I Am with you. My Glory surrounds your morning and your night. I am not finished with you so get ready for the explosion over the dry regions around you. My wells are Springing up in this hour. Your latter days will indeed be filled with Glory and Plenty.

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