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Daily Prophetic Word March 13, 2018

The Father says, The days of Great Deception are upon you but that does not mean you have to be deceived. You must look into matters for yourself and not just go with where the wind is blowing others. I will give you My Divine Wisdom, but you must choose to use it. The enemy desires that you are lost in a sea of lies, tangled unable to be freed.

When you believe in your heart that you cannot be wrong, you will keep living in wrong thinking. When you refuse to turnaround when the evidence is clear, you will stay stuck in pride. Your decisions do indeed bring life or death to your very soul. I will speak into your atmosphere, but you must open your ears so that your eyes can also see.

Days are short, for man was not created to live beyond his designated time. How you navigate each moment is vital to you arriving or falling short. I will blaze the path before you. Distractions will come each day to knock you off track. Know what is for you and what is just a waste of valuable resources.

Focus on the Blueprints that I destined you to enjoy. If something seems less than what I have called you to, then let if fall to the ground. Tomorrow is a new day. Take up the Higher Road that has your name written all over it. My Angels are at the ready to assist your steps. The night breaks for the dawn. Let clarity fill your spirit this very day.

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