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Daily Prophetic Word March 12, 2018

The Father says, What is your heart’s song this day? Release your vocal cords and bring your praise unto Me. What you seek will be unlocked, and thanksgiving will be the key. A mouth that complains and is fault finding will be your undoing in all things. Do not join in with those who choose to grumble about everything, for it is like a disease to your heart and mind. Be glad even when you cannot see a reason to be. I will show you much more than you can imagine when you decide to be thankful for days of joy and trouble alike.

My favor is yours even when it is not Christmas. Look at what I have presented before you right now. The Israelites couldn’t see how special they were due to their negative focus and ungrateful hearts. My Glory was all around in tangible form, but it mattered not to them. Do not be a fair weathered follower. You were made for wholeness and to receive ALL of My Kingdom, not just a piece.

You will be tried in the areas of life, but this is not to cause you to sink. I am building your character and integrity. I sent a mere boy named David to defeat a giant that no one else could remove. How much do you think that moment of trial and success affected his ability to rule one day? I know what you are capable of even when you would rather turn away from the challenge. Stand Firm! There is nothing to fear on the road ahead of you. Do you believe Me?

I have written your destiny down. Each day, I am shaping you into the person who will successfully walk into that role. A person’s ability to foresee, with their own eyes, is only a tiny part of what they will truly behold when at the final stop of what I have planned out. Partner with Me and Trust that what you face has a purpose and a meaning to where you will be going. I waste nothing in your life, even the places that I did not intend for your feet to walk. Everything will be all right! My Love embraces you always.

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