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Daily Prophetic Word March 8, 2018

The Father says, New Beginnings start when you leave the past to the past. There is nothing more for you there. Rise UP! This season is like nothing you have experienced before. Forget about what did not come to pass because your Promises are still before you. Do not abort what I am growing on the inside of you. Ask ME! Say Lord, what are you doing in this hour? Will I not speak? Will I leave you in the dark? No! My Answer is already Yes and Amen. Wait and Watch, for I am answering you even in this hour.

I put people in your life for a specific reason, but I also remove them. Many are thinking that something is wrong when someone hits the Exit door. Look again! Do not become wounded over what transpires. What hinders you will leave and what helps you grow deeper in Me will stay. Seek like-minded to fellowship with. I will show you the way. Release the mindset of who I will place in your life. Stay open for I have people that are not like you but will enrich your life in ways you cannot imagine right now.

My People need to discard the judgmental ways of the Pharisee. Even when you weren’t looking, some bad mindsets settled in. I am removing what is bearing rotten fruit. I am changing the way you operate within your day. Notice how you are responding differently from even yesterday. Is anything Impossible for Me? You are coming out of a Dry Desert Land. The Waters are bubbling up from the Deep ready to carry you to abundance according to the Riches of My Glory.

Put down your weapons against those that were not meant to be your foe. I am bringing the hearts into a purity that will overcome the dark that vies to destroy My people. Look beyond what your eyes witness and SEE ANEW with what I calling you to be in this hour. To go Higher, you must have your eyes set on that Prize. Do not stop pressing in for in due season, you will arrive right on time. You are Priceless! Do not take on the facade of garbage.

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