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Daily Prophetic Word March 7, 2018

The Father says, The Storm Clouds came, but the rain never fell. You have wondered if you missed something or My timing. You have wondered if you did something wrong that caused My Hand to withhold the rains. My Child, look again, for in this hour My Rains are Here! I am washing away decades of shame and condemnation. I am washing away fear and doubt, and setting your feet once again on solid ground. I have not forgotten you.

Hope Deferred has made you weary. I am restoring what did not grow in your heart and mind due to the lack of rain. I am giving you understanding and purpose to what has been going on around you. The Days, Months, and even Years have not always made sense. You have done a good job at not dwelling on what was out of your control. The ground is blooming. Your life is blooming. Chains that seemed impossible to break are falling in this hour.

The force of water is a Mighty One. As one drop, not much can be accomplished, but many drops can be unstoppable against even the strongest of counter-forces. Do not underestimate your own impact. You are capable of far more than you realize. I am going back into your past memories to show you just how powerful you have been in those moments because I have set you up as the Many Drops effect as you move on from here.

New Seasons bring to you new angels. And in this next 6-8 years you will see signs of this changing of the guard in ways you will not anticipate. Their purpose is to help you go further faster! My Spirit is accelerating and inhabiting areas that were strongholds of the enemy. The push back you have been experiencing is ending. I have prepared the way into foreign territories that you will win for My Namesake. I choose to use mankind in all that I Am doing, and I choose to set you up for a sowing and reaping benefit that has never been seen before. Place down what you thought was going on, and take up what I am truly doing for all of mankind. You are part of My Plans!

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