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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word February 27, 2018

The Father says, Leaves change and do not mourn the former. Understanding that a renewal and rebirth will come again in due season. Life is a process of change and the Becoming into what you were destined to be. Many give up and stay sitting next to the tree. The world shifts around them, but they will not embrace the Good that is before them. When your perspective is keeping you stuck, it is time to realize it is you that has kept yourself lingering in the same spot day after day.

My Cloud has already moved on from this place. The walls that you put around yourself are not meant to be there. I place no walls around My People. You created your own prison but blame everyone else for why you are still there. My Hand is reaching out to you. Now, let’s Go! I have more for you and this is serving you no benefit. When your actions are not helping you go places in life, it is a moment for reevaluation. Lies that you have come to accept as truth will make you think there is gain in where you are.

Freedom is falling into your heart and mind. I am revealing the plots and schemes that have remained hidden out of sight. Is there anything better than walking on the path of Liberty and Truth? Keep your eyes focused on what you See Me doing and where you See Me going. You are just passing through this life, and you are not of this world. What you place focus on is what will grow in your life. Be careful not to let the negative grow or it will crowd out My Voice.

All that you will need has been prepared and is ready for you to take up. No more looking back for I am not in your past. You can only live in the NOW. So now is where your needs and provisions will be met. See the miracles unfolding all around. Doors are flinging open. Too many are only seeking a specific door, but understand that I will not always give you that door. Would you like a limited opportunity or one that will take you higher? Trust Me, and you will experience a life beyond imagining. I cannot fail!

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