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Daily Prophetic Word March 6, 2018

The Father says, Watch and See that I will deliver you from all that came against your heart. What you hold so fragile in your hands will not fade into nothingness. I will redeem and restore. I will give you the victory over your enemies even in the smallest of offenses. I did not forget what happened to you. I have said before how this would finally end and even though the months and years have passed, My Word will still break through to your overcoming.

I will heal you, and My Love will radiate out of your new wholeness with Power that will even make the enemy run and flee. Many have doubted I was with you over the years. Many have doubted that I would call you to such a high position. Know that I have prepared a table before your enemies. They will watch Me take you from Impossible to Impossible for All Things are Possible for My Chosen. I will scatter those that spoke evil under their breath in your direction.

I kept good records. I will complete what I have started in and around you. Let the land feel the shock waves that only My Voice can do. You are My Beloved who I am well pleased with. My Love transcends what you are feeling now and sees where you will be in just a short time. My Joy will rest upon you and in your house forevermore. No one will steal what I have called yours. No man can undo what I have ordained. I give you new keys of Authority to Unlock whatever is closed before you.

Today, see the Upgrade and Promotion that has fallen upon you. Even when you felt you let Me down, know that I exalt you before men. We are going to realms that few will ever travel to. You are prepared and ready to go. Nothing more is holding you back, and I give you free reign to move as My Ambassador. Just as the walls of Jericho fell, you will do the same wherever your feet may trod. Get ready! Life as you knew it is about to forever change for My Glory and Honor!

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