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Daily Prophetic Word March 5, 2018

The Father says, I remembered Noah after his time of waiting. Look up this day, for I have remembered you during your faithfulness. I am taking you to places not yet seen or known. You have in your hands what will set the captives free and cast away the darkness over that region. You have passed the tests and now the harvest is yours for the taking. You have just begun to learn My ways so let go of how you think things are supposed to go, and let Me determine the outcome.

I am setting your heart ablaze. Let the fire be intensified even in moments of fear or hesitation. To reach those before you, a New Approach is warranted. What worked or did not work in past days long gone is not for this path you are on. I will use you even to impact those that despise you. Keep your opinions neutral and Let My Opinion rule over your heart and mind. I know what another is capable of for I created them full of Potential in Me. I did not give up on you, so I will not give up on those I send you to.

The Trumpets are sounding. Revival is on their Lips. Change is in the Atmosphere. Be a Pawn in My Royal Chess match and watch the enemy run in terror. You were made for more and more you will walk in all of the days of your life. Let your Heart Sing My New Songs. Let your Mind be Renewed with Promises Unending. Let the doubt fade for Jesus is before you this very hour. Nothing will stop what I have ordained. Wrestle not against flesh and blood. The Battle is Mine.

You are coming out of what has oppressed you. You are not denied but Highly blessed and favored. Find My Voice and challenge the lies all around you. I am not the author of confusion. Guard your mouth for when it speaks against My plans, you block your own path. Integrity and Character matter greatly. Be My Royal Child and refuse to wear the filth around you again. When your gateways are open to the wrong influences, you will hand over your authority. Watch in this hour, for things are indeed changing for My Glory and Honor.

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