• Replenished Hope Ministries

Daily Prophetic Word March 2, 2018

The Father says, If you want to go higher in Me and reach unlimited heights, you will have to look at the kind of people you tend to keep around you. There are many well meaning people out there, but they do not desire more in My Kingdom. They are complacent and content with just being ‘Sunday’ attenders and not much more. You will know who they truly are when you begin to share what I am doing in and through you. Ask yourself, do they encourage or discourage your decisions in Me?

Many will seem like they are ones to build up others, but out of their mouth, you will hear put downs and criticisms about everyone else walking out their higher calls. They have opinions about everything and no one will question their right to speak their mind. These types of people will slowly kill what I am growing on the inside of you, if you fall trap to these people. Shake off the dead weight and do not look back. You can’t convince people to take a hold of all that I have to offer freely to all. Be watchful of your own steps instead.

You are a flower growing in My Garden. I will water and feed you daily. You must be mindful of the weeds that desire to be planted next to you. Check what goes on in your daily affairs and how you deal with each one. Your character and integrity matter greatly to your growth. You and I will work on your fleshly verses spirit responses. To Go Higher, you must learn to master how you address even the simplest of matters. People will bait you to do works out of your flesh. I have a New Level of Revelation and Wisdom for you to partake in. I will give you eyes to see the motives of others with a new clarity.

There are those that claim to be Mine, who are not. Some believe they are worthy of My Inheritance, who surely will not receive. And others do not feel worthy to wash My Feet and surely they will receive all that My Son has died to give them. I know the hearts of all mankind. Let Me shine Light on what you cannot see in the natural. The stepping stones that you travel on are making way for your new anointing, and you will outgrow places that once fed and clothed you. Be ready for the shift, for change is coming swiftly in this hour!