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What is on God's Heart Today

What is on God's Heart Today by MaryEllen Replenished Hope Ministries

The other day, God showed me a line of cars waiting outside of a building. The people were there to sign for a new car, but were just waiting in their current car for someone to come out of the building to finish the paperwork. The day went on into the early evening and now the building was closing. Many had fallen asleep in their car during the wait. When they realized the place was closing, they suddenly remembered about getting a text earlier that said "Just Hit the Start Button"

The Lord says many of My people are waiting for something to be finalized BEFORE they START the new that I have given them in this Season. He says Today, Hit the Start Button. There is no need to wait for other aspects to be finished!

~Many Blessings, MaryEllen Replenished Hope Ministries

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