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Daily Prophetic Word February 26, 2018

The Father says, The torch has been lit. The way you are to go is visible. Many are like a mule and refuse to go because they have believed the lies spoken to them about this journey. Many have denied their own calling because they have cursed at others already walking in their calling. What will you decide today? Did you place that noose around your own future leaving you to walk among the tombs of your own words and actions?

I have a better way. Are you interested? It is time to grow in maturity to be a people who look for the Meat of My Word and not twist the milk of My Word. How can you learn and absorb the deeper things of My Kingdom when you are believing lies about the basic fundamentals of My Word? Stand up straight in this hour. I Am calling My people to study My Word and not just let your eyes glance over the writing on the page. When you study, My Revelation and Understanding will fall upon you. You are led around by the ring in your nose because you do not bother to spend the time with Me.

You cannot say you are truly Mine and walk in foolishness that you have convinced yourself is My Truth. I give you divine wisdom, but you must choose to walk as a wise person. My Word is a Living Word and will speak what is necessary in this hour. Did I stop speaking? Many of My People believe everything I ever had to say, was already done. Does this sound reasonable to you? I Am speaking to you in this moment of your life, mysteries that I have not released prior. Are you listening or instead assuming that you have already heard it all before?

Your Hands are empty. Your Heart is empty. Your Mind is cluttered with what you decided was who I Am. The Pharisee believed he was righteous in his pride. I am looking for a people who will walk in fear and trembling for My Namesake. I am looking for a people who will follow My Will and Ways despite what slanderous lies comes against them. Your vow must align with your actions. I can do the unimaginable through a life that is fully yielded to Me. No more going back to a dry and desolate way of life!

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