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Daily Prophetic Word February 25, 2018

The Father says, Open the Window and let the Fresh Air in. You have been living in a stagnant moment waiting for the limbo to stop for far too long. Get up and walk out with confidence that I am with you and My angelic army goes on before you. The dragons that needed to be slayed are indeed dead. Let fear leave you, and My Joy come upon you like a mighty rushing wind. What was meant to take you out permanently has been destroyed.

There are moments when you let few into what is happening around you and there are times that you Shout from The Rooftops. Let your voice rise for I am placing you on that Rooftop this very hour. There is no room that can contain what I am doing in your life this day. Let Your Favor and Blessing be heard far and wide. Let the sound travel into the enemy’s camp. For the rumble you hear in the distance is My Army commanding the victory on your behalf. What was tying your hands has been removed.

Things are going to be moving fast in your life for the next few months. You are free and released to do as I have instructed you to. It is time. It is time. What you have labored for and held onto with a clench fist is Yours! Find the battlefield empty and those that waged against you giving up. What never seemed to break in the natural is finally gone. The chain around you neck has been cut off. Feel the lightness in your steps.

Draw a line in the sand and refuse to go back to former ways that kept you stuck and in bondage. Choose to walk around the snares that used to draw you in to endless nonsense. Distractions do not have to be that unless you play into it. Be wise about your time and what avenues you should engage in. I have put your feet upon the newness. Enjoy the sand under your feet and between your toes. Unspeakable Laughter is upon you. Breath deep. You have freedom to enjoy.

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