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Daily Prophetic Word February 23, 2018

The Father says, The sixth day was a work day and the seventh was rest. The Eighth day is your new beginning. Many of you are called into rest this hour because you are about to be in your new beginning. If you continue to refuse to rest, you will be out of My stillness when the new day starts. Put down the chaos and worry about how it will all come together in time. I know what I am doing, and I will take it from here.

Your door is knocking. Check before you answer because the enemy desires you to stay busy and exhausted. You are not called to take up everything good and righteous. You cannot please man and please Me as well. Align your radar with Mine and only Go where I Send you. It is time to put away your desires to be noticed by men. Receiving their accolades will take you in the wrong direction.

In this new season, I will send you My true followers who will pay honor to you and not desire to be takers of your giftings and time. The workman is worthy of his hire and wages. For who sows will reap a blessing from a portion of what you carry. Those worthy will find you. Keep your eyes and ears ready for My instructions. I will ask you to walk towards and walk away from people and assignments without explanation at times. Just do as I say for the understanding and revelation will come afterwards.

I am coming on the inside to flood you with the strength of a giant army. I am replacing your sorrow with laughter. What has been weighing you down is coming off in this hour. The shackles are broken, for you are released from your years of being a bond servant. Your identity in Me has changed. I have upgraded your status and accommodations. No man can stop what I am doing on your behalf this day. You are worthy of all that I do for you. You are My Beloved and I Am well pleased with you!

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