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Daily Prophetic Word February 18, 2018

The Father says, You say that you can’t see the forest for the trees. Then find that I have cleared the forest. When you are lost in a problem, I have the solution. When you are unsure which part to address and with what strategy, then know I will help you see past the noise. Many spend their days toiling over problem after problem. This does not have to be your way of life. I know your needs before you even think to ask. So come, let’s talk about all that burdens your mind.

Many wonder if I already know what you are in need of, why then must you come and ask. Do you not see, your faith will have no chance to grow nor would you have a deeper and deeper relationship with Me, through no other way. Do you trust Me? When you ask, you place yourself in a position to receive a miracle. Your expectation is solely rested in My Arms. Have you not realized long after, that I did take care of something that you did not bother to bring before Me? Was your reaction the same, as in other times, when you did came to Me?

My resources are greater than the number of stars in the heavens, so your resources are also that numerous. Many think that I have called them into lack for My Namesake. What good does you being in poverty serve Me? The Kingdom is what changes your status in every measurable way. The condition of one’s soul has a direct reflection of life being prosperous or not. Your beliefs, actions, and attitudes will influence all that you do and say. Are you cursing yourself by cursing the favor of another? Are you refusing the blessings that I send your way?

I Am a Good and Loving Father! Why would I give to one and not to another? I Am no respecter of persons. Man has decided who might be worthy of My best and who should not have. These are not My thoughts or actions! Man takes credit for what I freely give to all people. Is it not My Hand that opens and closes all doors of opportunity? Am I not the One who gave that person the ability to answer that door and be successful? Who is blocking your blessings and favor? Time to rethink and realign to My Voice and Will. You are made for More.

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