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Daily Prophetic Word February 13, 2018

The Father says, Come to My Well. I am bringing refreshing to your soul. Long seasons have made you weary, but you got used to this way of life forgetting to come back for a recharge. You are not meant to walk a life in exhaustion. You must separate for a time so that we can commune together without the world of distractions demanding your attention. You are not a child, and I will not treat you as such. My Yoke is Easy. So if you are feeling that it is not, drop everything and come to Me. I will tell you what to place down and what to keep.

Do not let the world force you into commitments that I have not called you to. You will become ineffective with the things that I have actually called you to prosper in. I have not asked you to be everything to everyone. I will not send you out on a frustrating endeavor. Let go as I pick you up. Be as light as a balloon. See yourself floating over your life, and find that inner peace that I am filling you up with. You are going to make it! No matter what the obstacles are I will take you above the storms so that you may find the purpose.

Many get caught up in the why’s of life. It fills their heart with bitterness and anger. When you decide to not place this darkness in your heart and mind, you will discover the answer to your questions that were being blocked by your emotions. When you let your feelings rule your mind, you will be steered in the wrong direction. There has never been a day that I have not watched carefully over you. Even when you held Me responsible for the tragedy, I still stayed closer than a brother. Give Me that too. All that you are holding against Me, place it too in My hands. Today, is the day for healing so deep that you will finally see your life Freer than humanly possible.

I am not breakable. I will heal anything you give to Me. Release it completely. Goodness that surely is unspeakable is falling over you right now. Decades of anger resolved in a blink of an eye. Do you think this is impossible? Have no fear. I am clearing your mind of the disappointments that still consume your hours. Until you give Me all of it, you will continue to hesitate, as you wait for the other shoe to drop. It is now that you will find that there is no other shoe anymore. What was in your past, will not revisit your future days. You are in the New that I have created just for you!

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