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Daily Prophetic Word February 12, 2018

The Father says, You have asked for a sign, so today find an unusual sign coming your way. No, I Am not sending just an ordinary sign that could be mistaken for a random coincidence. Find before you a sign that will chase any doubt out of your mind. Today is your time to walk in amazing exploits for My Namesake. Now is your time to know that you are fully a messenger carrying My Good News. No more upside down smiles. It is time to laugh and sing once more.

Find the birds of the air singing extra loud as they soar long distances from their nest. I am sending them out, just as I am sending you out. What you speak and carry from My Throne will be like nothing mankind has heard or seen before. Do not underestimate what I will do through you. The least of you will walk in the greatest. Use your faith for you are stronger than you have been in prior seasons. What I have done in secret is bubbling to the top for all to see. Even in days that you thought I wasn’t doing anything at all around you, today, let your heart know the truth.

You have grown so much that even your walk has changed. As you enter room after room, even your best critic will take notice. Something is different, but they will not know what right away. Like a flower in bloom, I will reveal each beautiful petal one by one until the wholeness of what I am doing is experienced. Let the beauty of your spirit come forth and out in this season. No more withholding and choosing the back of the room. I am sending you front and center, for what I am using you for cannot be for someone else.

People will wrestle with the idea that you were made for more and that I chose You! Do not let your mind dwell on the doubts, and do not feel you owe them an answer. They will not be satisfied regardless. People may write you off, but I am writing you into this story. Your great awakening is at hand. All that you waited and wondered about is almost before your eyes. No turning back. I have only one direction for you to travel. Fear may come, but it is only an illusion. Let it pass on by, for nothing will stop your momentum now.

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