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Daily Prophetic Word February 6, 2018

The Father says, You cannot move forward if you are still living in unforgiveness of yourself. Do you hear Me? You are not doing Me a favor by whipping yourself each day for what happened in the past. I am not somehow impressed or pleased that you will not walk out of your own chains first and foremost. This has never been your cross to bear. NEVER! What you carry and blame yourself from came straight from the pit. Did I sentence you to this death? Why are you still here then?

My love, grace, and mercy even covers you. I did not exclude you from My Best. Did you commit a sin that I had not thought about on the Cross? You are covered in your good days and not so good days. You are given another chance because I Am Your Lord. There is no prison around you except that one that you created in your mind. I am not holding you back nor keeping you stuck in the past that you can do nothing about. It is time to move on from this place. You do not belong here.

I cannot put the blessings of today in your hands when you will so carelessly dismiss them. I desire to give you favor, but you are getting in the way thinking you are unworthy. When you are looking down, you can’t be looking up at Me in the same moment. I am not in your past, I am in your Now. I have new places to take you, and I am getting you prepared to go. The more you resist, the longer this will take. All of mankind has a past that they would like to forget. What lurks around in your dark corners is no different than what is in the corners of your brother’s and sister’s.

I Am in this hour, shining My Light on what you have tried to hide, for it continues to damage your soul. I am calling out what you have been reluctant to let Me heal. I am not looking at your failures as reasons to scorn you. I find you worthy of all that I have. It does not matter what someone else would say about you. Let Me speak for you, for I alone will restore and redeem your past. It is time to fully let go of a time that did not go the way you had hoped. Place your hands in Mine. I have a beautiful story to still write before your feet.

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