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Daily Prophetic Word February 5, 2018

The Father says, You are being held together. I will not let you fall apart. Your feelings will betray you. Whispers telling you to give up and that you are defeated are merely a lie. Do you really believe after everything I would leave you when you needed Me the most? Many of you are unaware that the heat sensations that you feel on your body are actually My angels giving you strength. Open your eyes for I Am at work all around you, day in and day out. Look for the signs, and you will soon realize that many things you thought were nothing are actually something powerfully significant.

All is under My vantage point. I am not only addressing your natural world, but your spiritual as well. Choose not to just look at the natural realm. I am at work First in the spiritual realm. You are missing out on seeing My Hand and Voice manifest My Glory over you. You are being cheered on by all of Heaven. Feel the heaviness that surrounds you from above. Pay attention to subtlety in your world. I will never leave you alone to fend for yourself. Choose to believe and receive in your heart and mind.

I desire that you understand how to partner with those I send to you in the spiritual and natural. When you stay on the lookout for My resources and help, you will receive that Wind to keep you moving forward and avoid despair and doubt. I will always send you lifelines and hope. I know where you are. You are right on time to witness the miraculous break over your situation. I am not surprised at where you are and neither should you be surprised that I am already working all for your blessing and with My Deep Love for You.

I am just getting started with what I desire to do in and through you. Why would I leave you on the side of the road now? Shake off the lies that seek to take you under. I Will Never Leave You Nor Forsake You. I love you so completely. My only desire is to be with you and take care of you. In no time will this change. Trust that I am not a God who would decide otherwise concerning you. I am not looking at the imperfections in your day to disqualify you of all that has been paid for. I will never choose to disqualify you. I will meet you where you are, always!

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