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The Old Testament DOES NOT mean the Old Covenant. What Christ did on the Cross, ended the Mosaic Covenant from Mount Sinai. It did not end the rest of the Old Testament, other Covenants, or Instructions from God.

Mosaic Law was completed through the Cross. In fact, the New Testament reaffirmed the rest of the Old Testament as still vital to your everyday life.

God's New Covenant is between God and Jesus, not man. Meaning we can't screw it up this time. We still have consequences from living outside of the will and instructions of God. Too many sit on the comfortable chair of salvation but do nothing else and surely do not let God move in or through them.

If we are not forever Changed by the workings of the Cross, then maybe we missed the whole message of what happened that day.

Salvation is not a gateway to get into Heaven. Salvation is to fuse you with Christ so that you NEVER sin in Heaven. IT IS THE PROTECTION OF HEAVEN TO NEVER GO THROUGH THIS AGAIN! Free will doesn't stop in Heaven, but this assures that all are covered in the Blood for all of eternity.

If you do not feel fused with Christ then you honestly need to dig deeper into who the Savior is. Fear does not bring real hearts to Christ, only Love does. If you were saved out of fear and nothing more got stirred within you, then Come Back to the Altar and Let your Savior and King Breathe upon you His Spirit, Truth, and Love. Let the Fire Ignite! Let the Passion Rise! And from this, will you Birth Your Destiny! YOU HAVE PURPOSE WITHIN YOUR EARTHEN VESSEL. LET GOD PULL IT OUT. LET GO OF WHAT YOU THINK LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT. AND WHEN YOU DO, WILL YOU FINALLY FEEL ALIVE!

~Many Blessings, MaryEllen Replenished Hope Ministries Replenished Hope

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