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Daily Prophetic Word February 1, 2018

The Father says, Are you feeling singled out lately? Has your tribe distanced themselves as of late? My Child, Raise your hands and celebrate for you My Precious are being singled out by My Finger for greater things. You will not always walk with the same people through life. You have outgrown those around you who desire a lesser path. You have asked Me for More and Sought out My Throne room for a special blessing and anointing. Now, I will place that within your heart, a heart that I have wooed since your youth. I have longed to release this Glory over you and just as the alabaster box will be broken, today, it is broken for you.

What was in pieces is coming together to form the picture in your mind that is already in My Mind. What you have prayed over and placed as a willing sacrifice before My feet, I will honor your desires. You are a sweet fragrance, and I will use your willingness to go where few will go. There is no limit because you are one will will breakthrough any obstacle that tries to box you in. The day that you thought would not come, is here. Notice the changes all around you. People are seeing you different and responding to you different. What once worked for you, no longer seems to flow right now.

Nothing is wrong, and everything is right. Feel My Love encompassing all that you are experiencing right now. You are surrounded by My Love and Goodness. What the enemy designed to swallow you whole was really just your launching platform. You have walked through the fire into a new way of life. The storms of yesterday will never return to your shores. What was your ceiling will now be your walking path. Feel the excitement all around you. The tests and trials have been passed, and increase with favor are coming to you in full measure. The chapter in that book is finished. Tomorrow begins a new way of life.

The territories that you will reach will be vast and wild at first, but soon you will feel comfortable in those new shoes. I am showing you in this hour how to flow in the New. It will not always look pretty, but keep at it. Soon you will be singing like the most majestic song bird. What would not clear away in the past, will move quickly under your authority. New Keys are yours that will open doors that no one else can command. Feel yourself going higher and higher. You were made to experience all that I have, and soon you will taste a bit of what that is. Let your hunger grow, for I will surely honor those who seek Me out.

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