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Daily Prophetic Word January 30, 2018

The Father says, Choose to see in others what you would hope people would take the time to notice deep within you. What you take time to scratch on the surface of another is just that, the surface. Most will only show one or two sides, but when you look further, to fully invest into the life of another, you will discover the gems that I have created their spirit with. Do not be in a haste, for you will miss out on the very best others have to offer from My Image. Did you catch that? My Image is stamped on the spirit of each person. You are missing My very essence when you choose to believe you know and see everything that there is within the person before you.

Bring out the best in each other not the worst. My Kingdom is on the Earth. Seek it out in places that you never thought to consider. I am not hard to find, but you must be willing to look past your own blind spots to uncover the best kept secrets. What you do unto another, you are truly doing unto Me, for I dwell in all of My Royal Sons and Daughters. They share My likeness and beauty just the same. Be a humble people willing to be authentic and forgiving just as I have done with you. Do not rub their faults into wounds that you create on their soul. Do you not have your own logs to attend to instead? Be a benefit to the spiritual growth of those around you and not a hindrance.

I have called you to be My ambassador of Love. What you spread out will return to you like a boomerang. True, people will still hate you, but are they really hating Me who they see through you? See above the noise all around. Look past the momentary distractions and see the Good work I am doing in and through you. I am making you into the best version of yourself on My Potter’s Wheel. Many see this as a negative process. Do you really want Me to leave you where I first found you? Instead look forward to seasons where I challenge many aspects of your life. From this process, New Growth, Maturity, and Doors will come into your life.

What is weighing you down in mind and spirit, will keep you from the amazing roads I have created for you to experience and travel upon. I will prepare you, equip you, and walk with you always. I have promised that you will love how this all comes together. Do not focus on parts that seem unpleasant because I have a greater supernatural joy that will find you from this discomfort. Trust that I am in control, and that I know what I am doing. What you think you want with all of your heart, may not be something that will be a blessing in reality. Catch yourself from walking in a negative and unthankful mindset. I have more for you, and I will take care of all that you need.

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