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Daily Prophetic Word January 26, 2018

The Father says, Seize the Day! Take the Risk and Go for It. Many are sitting on opportunities that will pass by if you do not make the decision. If I Am your Lord, I will correct your steps when you walk outside of the lines. Do not worry. You have mulled the situation over long enough, just start moving your feet, and everything will fall into place. I Am your Rearguard. Do what you can and leave the rest for Me. I will close doors and open new doors. Do not stay stagnant in the hope that waiting will yield a clearer result. Sometimes, I will only give you a glimpse of the steps before you.

Are you looking at your hands wondering how you will make it all come into reality? Then you are only focusing on what you can do through your own ability and striving. I have a much easier way. What do you feel you are lacking? Will I not give it to you supernaturally? Gifts and Talents come from My Hand alone. Believe that I will, for I will never leave you without in what I place in your spirit to do and be. Yes, I gave you that desire in the first place. Will I not honor what you seek to do. I will not leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Many forsake the value in knowledge. I desire that you understand principles in the natural and spiritual realms. Wisdom comes out of the flow from knowledge and revelation. You must know the correct proportions. Understand that I will use what you have learned to give you further revelation that only I can do. I will give you the strategies to be successful. I will set you up for more ways to use what you are learning. Find the Power in the experience of filling the gaps between what you know and what I will show you. I desire My people to walk in this power each of their days.

Come closer. I have new waters to pour out over your life. I am wiping the tears away from past seasons, and springing that Jubilee back into your heart, mind, and soul. Let all arise for in this hour you will see what has never been before. Stop the mindset that all is coming to an end, for I have said that I am just getting started. My Bride is walking closer and closer to becoming a Bride with no spot nor wrinkle. The shift has already begun. The clarity of My Voice will be heard by One and All. It is time to put away foolish and childish ways. I am calling My Mature People to come forth, for we have much still to do, and the world is waiting for all that you have to offer!

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