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Daily Prophetic Word January 24, 2018

The Father says, I will crush what is crushing you. Look up for Your Savior is in your Midst. You are dreaming of better days, but I say Speak what you desire and watch it Manifest before you. You have My Power and Authority. I will teach you how to take the territory for My Namesake. What you believe about yourself is what you will ultimately walk out. Examine if your thoughts help or harm your daily moments.

I will transform you as a Butterfly. Watch and See that I come through when you are unable to do for yourself. What pushes you back will now push you forward. You are going to become undone but this is a necessary goodness. Allow your transformation to change your very mind and perception. Who you were has come into My Upgrade.

I am taking you to places that will shift your very mind about who you are in Me. I will show you why I created you, why I love you so, and what I will do in and for you. Never look to far, for I am right here working out all of the details. Even when you fail to see My Hand, know that I am indeed busy in all of your needs. I will not leave you without Purpose.

Decide to struggle no more this day. The breaking has already begun. Tomorrow is not just a day, but THE Day! Even in the silence and hidden, will your answers come. What you moved against will release you into a road less traveled but one of Glory. Do not be alarmed when others do not understand what I am doing in your life. It is not meant for their understanding. Trust the Process.

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