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Daily Prophetic Word January 23, 2018

The Father says, Many of My people are living in shame and fear of scandal because of their family tree. You are letting what others chose become your grave clothes. Do you view King Solomon in this same light. Was he not the child of favor born out of a scandalous tree? I blessed Solomon for his heart was one that chased solely unto Me. I exalted Solomon above all of the rest who were deemed more worthy and in their right. Solomon made his life an example upon the Altar of the Lord.

Solomon forsake the laws of man that sought to keep him from My presence. He honored Me, and I overflowed his life with My Goodness. Do you look at him and say he should not have had all of that blessing and favor? My people are living in a desert because they speak against the favor that I pour out upon those that are Mine. I will bless whom I choose and as much as their life can contain. Do not say I should not do so much for them! I will withhold My hand from your life when you condemn another walking in My overflow.

You have not because you say only these people should have, and in the same breath you give man the credit for their success and overflow. What did the hands of man really do? Am I not the One who gifted and opened all doors? Do you wish less for them and more for you? For you reap what you have sown from your own heart and deeds. When you decide to be My vessel without prejudice, I will return to you in increase, for you cannot out give Me in your life. I do not have rules and limitations when I am pouring out over someone. I have already chosen them.

I will not bless you when you judge others for what I have given them. Your own mouth has forsaken you and left you in a pit of sorrow. I Am the source of all money, or have you given man credit for that as well. Do you see Me behind your promotion, or your own doing? For I open doors and close doors. Many scream that others less worthy got what was theirs. Again, your mouth has canceled out your blessings. Surely, you have gotten many days of favor that you were unworthy of. It is time for My people to walk in My light and forsake the destructive ways of the minds of men. Wear My Heart and Mind. Walk in the Steps of Righteousness. For I long to pour out unspeakable joy and immeasurable blessings over My Beloved. The choice is yours.

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