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Daily Prophetic Word January 20, 2018

The Father says, Do you believe that following Christ means you will have a bland and denied life? Religion will teach you that for sure. Did I say you were not to have favor and blessings at every bend in the road? I didn’t think so. Why would I spend time making paradise for you if I was just going to let you live a life of trash? Is the human race something I am trying to throw out or save? When you think I am enjoying the calamity that befalls you, then you will continue to walk in that lifestyle. What you believe is what you attract to you.

Your world lens is shaped by how you see My actions in your life. Take a hammer to that lens lest you be dragged away by the enemy. I am only for you and never against you. I have only plans to prosper your life not to see harm come your way. If I wanted nothing to do with mankind, I would not have sent My Son to take your punishment and wrath for all of the sins. He died for one and all, not just a handful of those who sinless than others. Stop thinking there is a difference. I Love you completely. I want you with Me on your good days and the days you fall short on.

You cannot lose My Love and Affection towards you. I have seen every action you will ever take, and I stay right there. I am not beating you up for your sins or mistakes. It is already washed whiter than snow. Come to me for restoration and reconciliation. I will clean you up and give you a New Hope that will not be tainted by the trials that will come. I plan to grow your heart larger and larger so that My Love can pour out of you to a lost and dying world. You are the one they have been waiting for. You Carry My Light and Goodness more than you realize.

It is time to make a decision to step out of the pit that the enemy keeps placing you in, and never return. It is your mind that he attacks. You have My Truth in you to combat the lies from those illegitimate voices. He can stir the hornets nest against you, but you have a choice in who you deal with it. Do not fall into old patterns that have served you nothing good. Come to Me and I will show you a better way to defeat his schemes. You are safe in My Arms. See through My Lens and you will overcome everything before you. I have crowned you victorious before the foundations. You will be nothing less than what I have spoken.

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