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Daily Prophetic Word January 18, 2018

The Father says, “If you are still trying to do all by yourself, then you have not come to the end of yourself yet. I will wait. It is when you decide to decrease so that I may increase in all aspects, that My fullness can be realized in your life. The Rivers flowing down from Heaven into your spirit is what will get you to a complete identity in Me. There is no other way to achieve My Glory pouring out entirely. Many see themselves as giving up independence and autonomy.

You are called to be co-creators in My purposes over the Earth. To Rule and Reign requires you to surrender your own fleshly desires and will. When you do, you will not find despair and disappointment. No, actually quite the opposite. When your heart beats with Mine, you will find a life so more beautiful that no words can describe what you will walk out every moment. I desire to reveal Myself to you. I desire for an intimate relationship that will transcend space and time.

People will wonder what your secret is. They will seek you out to discover how you manage storms will no ill-effects. Adam and Eve were walking in bliss beyond imagining until they wanted more outside of My Very Best. The enemy will always seek to confuse you with his lies. When you believe you can have better apart from Me, is when you discover a barren road filled with death. It does not matter which form of fruit he uses, your soul and flesh will desire it greatly. You must decide who you will follow.

Rebellion to My authority will set you in situations out of My Hands and fully under the authority of the enemy, who you are aligning with. Many will say that they are not serving the enemy, but there are only two options. Understand that when you decide to be Mine in all things, your heart and mind begin to shift to My will as well. You will start to reject the worldly desires that use to grab you so tightly. You will choose a different life, and see My Goodness as the only desire of your heart. There is only One Truth and all others are deceptions that will rob your soul. You must decide daily which path you will walk on. My Favor is yours to take or reject.

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