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Daily Prophetic Word January 17, 2018

he Father says, You are occupiers, Not just on Earth but in Heaven too. Do not walk through life looking down. No, LOOK up for your answer comes from above. No answer comes from any other direction. I have seen your needs before the foundations of the world. Nothing today is a surprise and all has been taken into consideration on your behalf. Where you go for your solutions is where you consider your source of help. I will use those around you when you cannot hear My Voice, but be sure to take it to My Throne Room before you walk it out.

You cannot serve two masters. The opinion you seek will rule over you with influence deeper than you realize. It is true I will send My vessels to you for help and guidance, but did you seek Me first so that I may release that vessel to you? There is a difference. I desire that you grow deeper in intimacy with Me. You will not do that when you are looking over there instead of directly to Me.

I will catch you if you fall. I will heal your wounds and set you back on the path of righteousness. I Am the Author and Finisher of your Faith. Let Me create in you a Faith that is Unshakable through any circumstance. I will change your perspective about what has happened to understand My Divine Purposes in those moments. You are not left to fend for yourself.

The road may look difficult and unpleasant at times, but I will show you the Glory in each step. Choose to deny the road through human eyes and see that I am making all things possible right before your eyes. Listen closely for your Redeemer is here. I will take you out of the hands that were too strong for you and set you on top of My Rock, a firm foundation.

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