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Daily Prophetic Word January 15, 2018

The Father says, When you don’t know what to Pray ask Me. Let My Spirit move upon you with the power and authority to be released through you. I have not asked you to pray without being present before Me. Many call upon My Throne with lifeless expectations and full of doubt. Do you see yourself less than another. I am no respecter of persons. What I will do for one, I will do for another.

It is your desire for intimacy in our relationship that will move the mountains you face. How can you find Heaven’s perspective when you come holding your own demands? My Thoughts are not your thoughts and My Ways are not your ways. Do you believe I have a better vision for your life than you could possible draw up for yourself? The enemy is merely a pawn that I use to benefit you, which develops you into the likeness of My Son.

Think of trials as opportunities to go Higher. I will deliver you. I will restore you. I will bless you with increase. You have come far, and I am not finished with you yet. Take up the reins again. Decide that quitting is not an option. When you finally make up your mind, the breakthrough will chase you down. You are never out of My Reach or My Glory.

I am taking you into a new realm. Find that what was, is leaving in the rear-view. Change your View to Be where you are going. Set your sights High for My Goodness will surround you. Take only what you will need. Extra weight will only slow you down. Decide your latter days will be glorious over your life. Unbelief is your only enemy, in truth this hour.

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