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Daily Prophetic Word January 11, 2018

The Father says, Finding your prayers fallen to the ground? Many pray through their flesh and wonder why nothing changes. If you want prayers that move mountains, you must come to the mountain and commune with Me, spirit to Spirit. It is not that your prayers are not something I desire for you, it is more about your heart and mind when you speak. You must release the outcome to Me alone. For if this is the course I desire then it will be delivered back to you in due season. However, there are times when a new path must come into view. A heart released of the outcome will be able to accept road that is to be.

You are not being denied. No quite the contrary. I see the whole picture, and I know what will transpire with each direction and option. I can see what is not available for you to see. Come up higher so that I may show you beyond what your natural eyes can comprehend. Not everything is for your good even when it looks desirable on the surface. I know the plans I have for you, as well as, for those you care about. I will come through even when you think it appears as a desert for a period of time.

I will align what needs to come together. Keep your hope alive even when the dark days come. It is always darkest before the dawn. I have not forgotten your petitions. All is set before Me. Let Me do the work that needs to be done. Trust that I have it all covered in the Palm of My Hands. Your prayers are not in vain. Set time in your day to come with all that is on your heart. Watch and see all that I do for your honor and favor. Your heart moves My Heart. What you care about enables My Hand to do the miraculous on your behalf. Never stop no matter what rises against you.

Even when time slips through your fingers, I am faithful to bring about that prayer to those that you leave behind. Generational blessings are not forgotten blessings. They are great prayers that have gathered decades of interest and when they hit their target, many more lives will be changed for My Glory and Honor. Think beyond the needs of today, for tomorrow blessings are being stored up through what you do this very moment. You sow hearty seed in ways you have not paid attention to. I will repay your faithfulness. There are no limits set before you. I will come through!

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