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Daily Prophetic Word January 8, 2018

The Father says, Do you see the Pharisees among you? Ones that think they understand My Word but at the heart, have no idea what My Spirit breathed over those pages. Look deep inside your own heart and mind for I am coming to My people with a sharp sword. I will put asunder those that are truly out of My Kingdom and continue to choose this way of life.

I desire a people who are willing to be made into the likeness of My Son. If your reflection needs a makeover, come before Me with the openness required to shift you out of all deceptions. You cannot hang onto what is holding you back from My Truth and Light. I will challenge what does not belong in your thinking! I will bring those to you that will disrupt your viewpoint.

I am not interested in a Bride that does business as usual. I have so much more than you could ever experience in this lifetime. Moses’ journey was vastly different from Daniel’s. I intend to give you a life of the miraculous specially carved out for you. I did not make you a carbon copy so what I do on your behalf will not always look the same as what I do for your brother or sister.

Rejoice for those around you. Be a blessing and not a curse. I can do the impossible if you will just believe. Leave your opinion on the floor for I will not shout over what you have formed as right and correct. My ways are higher! Rise up to where I Am. It is Now that you will arrive into the greatest awakening this generation will lay witness to. Enjoy your life and watch it bloom fully across your days and nights!


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