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Daily Prophetic Word January 4, 2018

The Father says, I Am behind what is about to take place. Many will give credit to illegitimate forces. Come See an alignment within My Kingdom that will be like looking through a window and seeing Heaven instead of Earth. The Frequency and Vibrations will come into sync at specific moments. I did not send My Son so that My people would live in suspicion and conspiracy theories. You are letting the enemy rob your joy when you chronically look to be agitated with negative reports.

I desire you to live a life that rests in My Hands knowing full well that I will respond to your prayers for your own life, as well as, the world. So pray for what you would like to see and then focus on what I have called you to do and be. Spend no more time dwelling on the spinning of the world, for before the foundations did I know what will be. I am not wringing My Hands not knowing what to do. Trust in Me for I will not fail.

If you need help making a decision, I will speak to that issue according to My Will. You do not benefit from toiling over the problems that are out of your hands, and clearly in My Hands to deal with. Will I not come through like I always have? When you strive on your own, you give Me no room to show up and out on your behalf. Your faith suffers because you really don’t expect Me to answer your prayers.

You are a mighty warrior even on days you feel like quitting. I am okay with your ups and downs. I know what your true potential is just like I saw Greatness in a little Shepard boy named David. You are the Apple of My Eye! Never walk away from that Identity! You will see all that I Promise so get up with anticipation and decide not to let the enemy rule over your days. What you give power to will have power over you.

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