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Daily Prophetic Word January 3, 2018

The Father says, Be captive in the Moment. Do not walk your days with sleepy eyes. I am writing new stories for you to partake in. Unlike those memories that bring you pain, these will bring healing to your heart and mind. Try Me for I Am your Father who heals even the most smallest of needs. I have not turned a blind eye to what happened even when you have not seen My answer yet.

I will vindicate and I will restore. Let your righteousness flow before you as the road becomes easier this day. Let Me take those burdens for you are not called to carry what is Mine. Do not take up to your own means with those that seek to crush your spirit. I will take that as well. I gave you that soft heart and I desire to breathe My Spirit through your earthen vessel, so let Me have My way in your life.

Feel the Freshness in the Air. The Dew will provide the much needed renewal as the days of tired and weariness are disappearing. I go before you to make ready the Favor that was not of yesterday and not for the future. This is your NOW! Look to what I am up to in your needs for this season. Some promises will be fulfilled in a mere few weeks while others are still ready to be unwrapped down the road.

You will arrive as planned. Take the stress and worry off for I will not let you lose out this time around. Where once foolish youth got the best of you, today see that you are My Royalty ready to take a hold of your full inheritance. No longer like a prodigal, but now truly embracing who you are in Me. I have taken you from the foundations to this place. Let excitement fill your heart because I Am not finished. We take the land at Dawn!

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